So happy together.

If you happened to be driving down Harrison Avenue yesterday around 1 o'clock, you might have noticed 2 young women walking with 2 year-olds on their shoulders. I guess that's Camila's and mine idea of what it means to take Ric and Zoe for a walk. It was very fun, especially with them laughing hysterically and Ariel yelling at them that they weren't allowed to laugh.

It has been a crazy few days. Ric spent the past two nights with us and I had Zoe from 6am to 4pm yesterday. To compound it all I seem to have a nasty cold and everytime I stand up I get a splitting headache on the left side of my head.

Ric is continuing to be so much fun. He is talking way more and can be very insistant on whatever it is he is saying at the moment. If it's "shark........bite" then that's what he says for the next 10 mintues. Or "truck.............fall down" or "doybees" (his version of cookies. apparently he has some trouble with the "k" sound). And let's not forget, "fire..truck. Fire TRUCK. FIRE TRUCK. FIRE TRUCK! FIRE TRUCK!!!



Jo Jo & friends

Marcail and Johannah trying to see who will be the first to chew through their johnny jump-up and escape (since they're still working on getting their teeth, I expect it will take some time.)


Pretty earrings

Uncle Allen

Two Jo Jo's!

How many hands does it take for Evan to hold Johannah?

Fathers and daughters.


A first time for everything!

I have e-mailed and even faxed congressmen in the past over issues I was concerned about, but today I actually picked up the phone and called my senators!
(for those curious why, click here.)


More pictures of Marcail

She has learned to roll herself over!


Camila's birthday lunch at Monte Alban!


Another IHOP (or ZHOP) blogger

I stumbled upon this story the other night - it's a good one from some random guy at the Zadok House of Prayer in Charlotte:

most awkward/embarrassing moment of the year

December 12th, 2006

And the winner goes to….none other than yours truly. Pretty sure this is at the top of the list of “if there were such thing as a pre-trib rapture, let it happen now” moments. Let me set it up to protect those around me. For the sake of the story, I am going to call this gentleman “Dave.”

OK, so here it goes. Taryn and I are sitting in our kitchen when the door bell rings. We check it and it is Dave making a call to service something we had called him about. Now, this is the first time Taryn and I had ever met Dave mind you. He walks in and we make small talk while he checks the different things out. Very good conversation. Come to find out Dave is a believer and happens to go to the church next door to us that we attend quite often. He is telling us of the amazing ministry opportunities that the Lord has blessed him with. Conversation ends…and then it happens.

He is walking out the door and realizing that we pray for a living, he asks us the question we get so often, “Can I give you a prayer request.” Now, when Taryn and I hear these words, unless circumstances forbid it, we always ask the person if we can pray right then and there. So we do and Dave says yes. Here is the prayer request:

“My wife and I don’t have any children of our own but we have this girl who has been with us for about 15 years. . She has been having problems. She is really having some problems right now. There are a lot of issues she is dealing with and it is just real hard for us. Could you guys pray? I just got off the phone with my wife and she has been crying all day about it.” “Let’s pray right now,” I say, “what is her name?” “Her name is Kidders.”

So, we go for it. In bullet point form I will illustrate what went on. I start off the prayer:

  • Lord, I pray that you would come and encounter Kidders in a miraculous way. Would you reveal Yourself to her and reveal Your Son to her that she may never be the same again.
  • Lord, You knit Kidders together in her mothers womb; You know the very number of hairs upon her head. You know her destiny and plans You have for her…encounter her God!

At this time, Taryn starts tapping on my leg, so I know she is amen-ing me like crazy and telling me to keep going with it. So, I do:

  • Lord, I pray you would release ministering angels to keep her on the straight and narrow and You would rebuke the devourer from robbing her from her destiny.
  • Just as I myself had a bout with drugs and strayed from your Presence and you encountered me, would you break in with a suddenly in Kidder’s life. Change her lifestyle God!!

Taryn really starts tapping then so I press my eyes together harder and ring heaven with my prayers. I will spare you the intensity of where I went.

By this time Taryn is tapping my leg like crazy, which I suddenly realized was very uncharacteristic of her. I wind my prayer down and close. I open my eyes and look to my wife. I notice she is holding back laughter uncontrollably. Her eyes look like they are about to pop out of her head and red blotches are taking over her face. As soon as these words graced the air, my mind collided with reality and it wasn’t pretty. Taryn looks at Dave and says,

Dave, didn’t you say that Kidders was your cat?”

Yes,” he replies. “Kidders is my cat.”

Taryn carries the team and starts praying for the cat while I fade away in my mind. I am going over everything I just prayed and wondering how I could have possibly missed what this man had said. How did I not hear the correlation regarding this feline at all during the moments before the prayer took place? Can God encounter a cat? How did I assume this cat was walking away from the Lord? I thought Kidders was just the pet name he used for this girl. How could this happen to me? Just then Taryn ends and he looks at both of us. The spirit of awkward descends into our kitchen and with an embarrassed goodbye Dave leaves and Taryn falls on the ground laughing. Once again, I fade away trying to figure out what just took place.

Pretty sure I am still trying to figure it out. But, it makes for a great laugh.

snow, snow, snow!

What a beautiful winter wonderland!


Happy birthday to Ric! (And Camila too!)

Yesterday was Ric and Camila's birthdays!


IHOP blogs

There are several blogs from IHOPers that I keep tabs on. One of them posted a fabulous post today that I just had to share with you; it made me laugh.


Oh The Wonder of Me


I do often like to pride myself on my intelligence... I am quite brilliant when it comes to sharp objects or difficult to open containers.

Today, was no exception. I was trying to open a dvd box with scissors, and some how slipped and managed to chop on (not off, mind you) one of my fingers... Not a huge deal, and not terribly surprising, knowing me. But the sheer genius moment came about a 1/2 hour later when I decided that I was hungry for an orange.

Now, I don't know why it didn't cross my mind that oranges + open wounds = pain. But.... it didn't. Ouch. At least the orange tasted good. :)

And the injury wasn't nearly as bad when I sliced off 2 small chunks of my fingers at work about 6 years ago - with a meat slicer. Whoops.

But I think one of my favorite braniac moments came around the time that I'd recently moved to Kansas City - this was 4 years ago... and I was very hungry. I didn't have many of your "normal" kitchen utensils. Simple things, like can openers were non-existent. So I was learning to get creative.

One night in particular I was very hungry, but all we had in the house were some cans of beans. I guess I didn't have any money to run to McDonald's, but I'm thinking it was more like I'd been fasting and was so hungry I that I wanted to eat, "now". Beans were my answer.

However, not a great answer... considering I had no can-opener. Enter "Resource-ful" Jenny... I didn't have a can opener... but I did have... a hammer.

Now, I don't know what I was expecting to happen (or not happen as the case may be)... but I thought it seemed like a viable option unto getting fed. Unfortunately, when most of my "dinner" ended up on the ceiling, all around the kitchen, and allover my shirt - I realized my folly. A bit too late though... as usually seems to be the case. (Note earlier orange story.)

Yes folks, it's official - I'm a genius.
posted by Jenny Powell


Clearly, my method of feeding the birds is defective!

I was just thinking this morning that I wanted to get a squirrel feeder. You know, the stick of dried corn or something.

And then I looked out my bedroom window at one of the other bird feeders and saw this. Now I am just exasperated.

Camila awake at 5:30am??????

Camila has been getting up rather early (for her) and heading off to work. She is really enjoying her new job.
I haven't even seen her in the mornings since I've come back from Kansas City!

This morning when I got up, I was talking to April, and she said Camila was playing quite loudly some musical at 5:30 this morning. It was on for half an hour, she said.

Camila and 5:30 really don't go together.
We talked about it for a little while, and then I had an idea.

I went to the living room to where my cd player was, and sure enough! The alarm button was on.

What happened, is last night when Ric came over, he pushed the buttons on the cd player like he always does, but this time he turned on the alarm feature which was set to go off at 6:30, but since the clock hasn't been adjusted for DST, it went off at 5:30 and played Miss Saigon until Camila got out of bed and turned it off.

Since I slept quite soundly through the whole thing, I find it highly amusing.

Needless to say, in the future when Ric comes over, we'll check the cd player and make sure he hasn't turned it on. :)


Can you see the squirrel?

This morning as I was taking down the Christmas tree, I looked out the window, and this is what I saw:

It's a little blury, but it's a squirrel hanging from his back legs eating the birdseed out of the feeder.

To do list:
Move the bird feeder farther away from the tree trunk.


Happy 2007!!!

Happy new year from K C. What better way is there to bring in the new year than worshiping Jesus with thousands of people who love Him!