It's not dull!

Sunday I was so excited about how fun this week was going to be...so much to get ready for, so many people coming into town...and at the end of it all April gets married!
I'm still excited, and things are getting crazy. I knew they would. Unforseen is always happening, but, Praise God, we have the One who sees all on our side and 'every little thing's gonna be alright!'


6 days and counting!

The week is here...
...so much fun and so much to do!
I am looking forward to seeing everyone!!!


Just a drop...

Isn't it amazing how much awe just a drop of water on a leaf can inspire? What an amazing Creator!


Big Black Chickens

For the past 2 days we have had a pair of black vultures in our front yard!  They look and walk like big, black chickens.  They are much prettier in person than in this picture.

If you have ever read "Freckles" you may understand why this is so exciting to me!