August 31, 2006

This week has been fairly nice. The gym was closed so I got to do some catching up on a lot of things, like sleep. The down side is I've had a cold the past 3 days that just won't seem to go away. (If you talk to me today, you'll hear I only have half of my voice.)

Last Saturday I went to Atlanta for the last day of the Onething conference. I was so challenged about my habits and how I spend my time. There are so many times when I just do...whatever! And there is definitely a time and place for just relaxing, but in general I am not intentional enough with my time. I waste so much time on doing nothing. There are things that I really want to do and accomplish and if I don't stop and allow myself to prioritize and schedule time for those things, then who knows if I'll ever get around to them. I'll end up being 50 and still wanting to study the sermon on the mount, still wanting to be actively involved in the community and in teens lives, still wanting.... and that's not to say that I won't still be doing those things when I am 50. I just want to take control now of the 24 hours a day I am given and use them in an efficient, God glorifying way to accomplish the goals and desires I have for this time in my life.


"If your highest goal in life is anything except knowing Jesus, then you are not living."

"What you dream of you will pursue."

-Dwayne Roberts-


What in the world???

What is that???!!???

Could it be????????

Yes!!!! It's true!!!


One more

Tonight I added one more ticket to my collage of shows I have seen. What fun!


The Wedding

The wedding was beautiful. Everything went off without a hitch. The weather was lovely and the food and dancing were great. And most importantly, Ben and Keri are now Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Munger. :)
Click here for some more pictures from the whole weekend.

The happy couple are honeymooning in North Bay, Canada.


Like a girl

This morning, I was putting on my shoes, and there was a jumpy bug inside! I screamed like a girl and threw it away from me. Jumpy bugs aren't scary or viscous, but all I could see were those big back legs. I had no idea I was such a girl!!!