Space Trilogy

Some people have commented that I haven't been posting much recently. I guess I haven't, but really, I haven't had anything I felt like posting. Until last night.

A few weeks ago I started reading the Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis. I've been a long-time fan of his work, especially the Chronicles of Narnia and Mere Christianity and The Pilgrim's Regress. But until recently I had never read the Space Trilogy or even really knew what it was about. Probably Stuart talking about the books prompted me to finally pick it up and start reading.

The first book, Out of the Silent Planet, was hard to get into. About half-way through I started getting interested in it and caring what happens. (Although I liked the name Ransom almost from the beginning.) It was a good book, pretty interesting once I got to the middle. But then I started Perelandra, the second book. Wow. It was fascinating from the beginning and impossible to stop reading once I reached the middle. I don't know if it's a male/female thing as far as why I preferred the second book or simply that the story had progressed enough to not require a lot of exposition.

What I most enjoyed about Perelandra, is the way Lewis took an historical event in our world and brought it to life in another world in a way that lets you think about the emotions and situations and consequences of what happened on earth without feeling like you are presuming too much because it's simply a similar event in another world and not someone's imagination working on our history. I really enjoyed reading it and am looking forward to the final chapter, That Hideous Strength.


My day yesterday...

4:22 A.M. wake up
4:50 A.M. drive to Woodstock, GA
7:20 A.M. arrive at gymnastics meet in Woodstock, GA
8:00 A.M. start of first gymnastics session
11:00 A.M. end of gymnastics session - we won
11:40 A.M. eat lunch
12:50 P.M. go the High Museum of Art - see the Louvre exhibit and the Impressionist exhibit
4:40 P.M. go back the the meet
5:40 P.M. start of final gymnastics session
9:00 P.M. end of gymnastics session - we won
9:05 P.M. DQ
9:20 P.M. leave for Franklin
9:27 P.M. realize I am driving the wrong direction
9:29 P.M. turn around
11:30 P.M. hairspray to keep me awake
12:15 A.M. home
12:20 A.M. sleep
Camila: "Ric, can you say you're sorry?"
Ric: "You're sorry."


Happy birthday Camila!