3 Days

Yesterday was my last day of work before the wedding.  Let me first say, I love my co-workers.  They are some of my dearest friends and I see them more than I see anyone (including my fiance).  I am not sure the last day I had away from the theater, but it was sometime before we started tech for Guys and Dolls, I think June 17th maybe.  Anyway.  As it came to the end of the day, I realized that this was the first milestone that I really felt as our wedding approached: the last day of work.  I wasn't sure if I would jump for joy or cry or both.
I actually did neither, but I was a little emotional there for about 30 minutes.  It is so strange to not be at work for 20 days, but it's also very exciting because I am now able to focus exclusively on this weekends festivities.

Last night, Robert and I had a date night (our last one as an engaged couple!)  There had been some stress recently when we discussed wedding things not yet completed, and I really wanted us to be able to have some down time before everything really started that was just us where we didn't have an agenda of decisions to make or centerpiece rings to make or anything wedding but could just enjoy being us for a little bit.  It was really a very lovely evening.  He had meetings until almost 9pm, but I had cooked pancakes, eggs (NOT burned, unlike the first time I cooked for him)  ;), and bacon and orange juice (that I turned into screwdrivers - yum!)  We had such a great time and I was very giddy with excitement over how close we were to being married!  When Robert blessed our meal, he prayed specifically for our future and gave thanks that God had brought us together.  It is so meaningful to me and it blesses my heart to watch his love for Jesus and his love for me poured out in prayer to our God.  He will be a very good husband and leader in our home.
We watched a movie and just chilled.  It was very special and I am so glad we carved out that time for us before the wedding.

Now today, we start setting up and decorating the reception and I have my friend Laura spending the night with me and tomorrow we're getting facials and massages (yea!) and Robert and his boys are going to Six Flags for a bachelor party and more and more people are coming into town and then Friday is fun with my girls and rehearsal and then Saturday is WEDDING!

So here we are, at the beginning of the final 3 days before the wedding and I couldn't be happier that I am almost Mrs. Robert Jessup or more excited over our 2 weeks of honeymoon or more thrilled that all of my family and friends, the people who I love most in the world and who love me, are going to be in town all at the same time to help us celebrate!  Thank You Lord for Your joy and the blessing of Your smile on us as we finish these last days of preparation to celebrate the beginning of a life lived together in You.