March 28, 2006

I am home in Franklin!
I made it through the night with no difficulties (except for missing exit 27) and I was wide awake the whole time. Thank you for your prayers. I spent the trip listening to Misty Edward's cd, the entire book of Luke and finishing Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I really like audio books.

I was going to take a short nap, but I feel like just staying up straight through the day and going to sleep around 8 tonight. I've already unloaded my car and I need to start doing laundry and unpacking. (Yea! No more quarters!)

So right now I am going to enjoy a bowl of tomato soup and plan out my day.

Amanda :)


March 28, 2006

She’s having a girl! So far I’m 1 for 1. We’ll find out next week if I make that a 2 for 2!

Someone sang in the prayer room this week Brian Doerksen’s “Father’s House Lament” which I knew all the words to because I danced to it 10 years ago. Wow.
Do you remember that, Martha?

Please pray for me. I am starting to feel sick and I really don’t want to be sick and tired when I drive home and have to get a motel. I would much rather make it all the way in one day.

I’m mostly packed. I’ve been mostly packed all day. I’ve also found that there are large numbers of people here who have never seen the Princess Bride. If I were to stay here that would change.

I have mapped out my way home and checked the fluids in my car as well as my tire pressure. So I’m good to go!

I’ll see you all in a few days!


March 18, 2006

9 days left until I leave.
I am excited about coming home to Franklin and seeing everybody.

Katie - I am so happy about your back handspring! I can't wait to see all you and the rest of the hotshots have learned. I'll probably see you before the end of the month.

I am driving back solo. I'll leave here Monday the 27th around 3pm and drive straight through the night (unless I get sleepy, then I'll stop and get a motel). So if you think of it, please pray for a safe trip. Also, if you have my number give me a call. ;)

This week has been good. There are a lot of emotions; Tiredness, excitement, sadness, etc. I will definitely be sad to leave here. This has been an experience like none other. I highly recommend it to anyone.

I have been collecting some great worship music to bring back. Maybe we will incorporate some of it into our Sunday service.

Thank you everyone who has been praying for me and leaving posts. It is so encouraging to hear from all of you.

Please be praying that I'll not get lazy this last week but will press on into all God has for me.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Amanda :)


March 1, 2996

So in less than a month I will be back in Franklin. Time has been going by so very fast.

The weather here has been absolutely georgous this week. The high has been in the upper 70's and it's been breezy. I went for a ride in a convertable this afternoon and walked down to a river and tried to skip rocks. Aparently I've forgotten how to and so I decided to throw big ones in to make huge splashes instead. :)

The weather is making me so happy. I've been sitting outside all day and enjoying the sunshine. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I started spending a lot of time outside. If I get up at 2 I have about 4-5 hours of sunshine. But sometimes we have meetings from 4-6 and a lot of time I don't get up at 2, so I have been really missing the sun.

We have another conference next weekend. It's called Passion for Jesus. Fire in the Night isn't help staff this conference, so it will be a less intense weekend then the last conference we attended.

The Asbury's should be here in a few days. So there will be more Franklinites here. Yea!!! I was talking to one of the interns yesterday and commenting on how it really isn't at all surprising that someone would move here. In fact, I am more surprised at the people who don't. But before you freak out, I am not one of those people moving here (at least, not at this time) and neither do I have any plans or intentions to move. There, that should make most of you happy again. ;)

I don't know what else to say. I am doing really well.

I may have someone riding back with me which would be fabulous.

Congratulations Kat on sticking your series in a meet!!!
April has been keeping me updated on all the news at NVG and I am excited on all the progress you girls are making!

Amanda :)