Night Castle

Today and tomorrow only you can download the mp3 version of Trans-Siberian Orchestra's newest album, Night Castle, WITH a bonus track from amazon for only $3.99. You can get it after tomorrow too, but it will cost you $4 more.
And, I realize you still have to buy the actual physical cd so that you can read the lovely booklet, but $3.99 isn't bad at all so I can listen to it right this second. :) Remember, Franklin has limited resources.



Hi everyone!!! How are ya doing??? I'm great!
Life has been wonderful and busy, hence the 4 months of silence. Plus I've discovered facebook and spend what little time I have there.
But yesterday I decided to start making food for work in the crock pot, at least during the next few weeks when we practically live there. And while I was searching online for a good crock pot lasagna recipe, I stumbled across this blog that I think is fabulous! I've already picked out the next recipe I want to try, "Jamaican Pumpkin Soup."
So the ingredients are in the pot, and tomorrow when I get up I'll plug it in and we'll see what we get!
I love the whole idea of doing a recipe a day. Not that I would attempt it. That's way to ambitious for me lifestyle right now. I went and saw Julie and Julia a few weeks ago...or maybe a month (it's had to keep track of time right now) and absolutely loved it! If you haven't seen it, you must rent it when it comes out on video. Must. I said so. :) And if you haven't seen it you may not know the connection between those two thoughts. The movie is about this lady who decides to cook her way through Julia Child's cookbook, Mastering The Art of French Cooking, in one year. Everyday she blogs about her experience. And this slow cooking blog is along those same lines, except I think that this woman wrote a cook book herself.

Enough about cooking. I don't have time to anyway. :)

I was very fortunate to get to see Laura and Michael in Charlotte earlier this week. They are doing so well and my visits with them always seem too short.

April had her baby - Gabriel Vinko Ostojic. He is adorable and so interesting for a newborn. He wiggles around and holds his arms up and sometimes even will lift his head for a few seconds.

Thursday will mark 6 months of officially dating Mr. Robert Jessup and things are going along quite well. It has been an adventure, for sure, and I have learned many many things about myself and relationships in general along the way. He is the first man I've ever dated and it has been a wonderful experience.

Well I must sleep, so that will be all for this time. Hope to write again - sooner that 4 months this time. ;)