I coached my last team practice today.  Not sure what I think about that.  I am so very happy and excited about what next week holds and I think the timing is perfect for moving on, but at some point I think I'm going to have to feel a sort of sadness over leaving something that has been so wonderful during these past nearly 10 years.  


A Sunday School Lesson

This year I've been volunteering once a month or so in the 2&3 year old's room on Sunday mornings at church.  For the past several months we have been learning about the Fruits of the Spirit.  A great thing to learn about...one you never outgrow.  God has reminded me a lot recently to be patient and trust Him...it keeps coming up in little ways that I could overlook if I wanted to, but I know that He is encouraging me in this.  
This evening I was chillin with Laura and Michael and talking and I told Laura, "I've been patient my whole life...I don't want to be patient anymore!"  She laughed and said, "As long as you have the other fruits you should be able to make it without patience.  Although,"  she continued, "once you loose patience, self-control will also be gone."  To which I added, "and if you loose patience then you've already lost peace."  
And the more I think about it the more I see how the fruits are linked together in such a way that you really can't loose one without the rest becoming less potent or obsolete.  And conversely the others help strengthen each other.  
So while I may be struggling with patience, if I continue to let God work those other fruits in my life by loving those around me, allowing the joy of the Lord to be my strength, resting in His peace, showing His kindness and goodness to others, remembering faithfulness and gentleness and excersing self-control, it will be that much easier to be patient no matter what is going on around me.  It's really an all-or-none.  I can't pick and choose which fruits I'm going to like today and ignore the rest.  :)  Thank God I don't have that option!