At long last

After months of looking, searching everywhere I could think of on the internet, and asking people who I knew had pictures, I finally found a picture from Clay and Sarah's wedding!Aren't they perfect?
For those who don't know, Clay Edwards is a worship leader in the night watch at IHOP. My favorite by far. Sarah Bedford (now Edwards) is another worship leader whom I really enjoy. They got engaged while I was out there earlier this year and are a very special couple. They have been a great positive and encouraging influence in my life.
So, the wedding was months ago, but Congratulations Clay and Sarah!!!

Show dreams

I hadn't been thinking a lot about the Christmas show, because I'm not really doing anything with it yet. But last night I definitely had a dream about it!!! For fun, here it is:

Camila was wearing a red plaid full circle skirt around her neck like a dress and saying, "see, I knew plaid would look horrible on me." I tried to explain to her that in the show they would be worn as skirts, not dresses and would fit and look much better.

Maybe this week I'll be able to get back in the auditorium and start making things again!

Turkeys, Trees, and Babies

I had a lovely weekend/holiday!
Ben and Keri came over from Knoxville and I got to spend 4 straight days with my extended family.
We cut down our Christmas tree and decorated it. Keri's cat, Tex, had a lot of fun trying to chew the lights and climb up the trunk. Since this wasn't the best idea, we took a squirt bottle of water and everytime she tried it we gave her a little squirt. Cat's really don't like getting wet and it didn't take her long to get the point. :)

B & K took a tree back with them for their appt. They fit it in their TRUNK!!! Seriously.

And yesterday for lunch I got to eat Pad Thai Chicken. Perfect.
(Oh yes, and ----- is pregnant!!!)


Part 2 of my Weekend

I got to go to Knoxville Sunday with Kat and saw Aida with Ben and Keri. It was a lot of fun and the singing was fabulous. (Fortunatly for me, I had not seen the Broadway production, twice, nor was I with a grumpy person who had.)
I also got to watch Cars for the first time, which is a hoot. But that night I dreamed about tires, and how all 6 of the tires on my car went flat at the same time! :)

I am looking forward to relaxing and not doing much of anything this week, except playing a lot of games and eating some good food.
Oh yes, carot cake too!

GOP group at BU offers aid to whites

Scholarship aimed to highlight race issue

Boston University's Republican students group has started a scholarship for white students, to spark debate about race-based programs.



Too cute!

Blowing bubbles


Changing a light bulb the Makinson way


Tone deaf quiz

This is a quiz for really smart people.
I will tell you I took it twice because I didn't understand what I was doing at the beginning.
My first score was 67% and my second was 83.3%
This quiz tests your ability to discern musical phrases. Don't try it if you are tone deaf. :)
It only takes about 6 minutes and is a lot of fun!


This is my weekend!


Our God reigns

Yesterday was disappointing and depressing. Nearly every ballot decision I cared about turned out the wrong way.
South Dakota didn't pass the abortion ban.
Heath Schuler won NC. (This man is in favor of stem cell research that destroys embryos.)
I won't list them all.

On the positive side, 7 of 8 states passed a marriage amendment bill that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

But no matter what, God still reigns and is the highest power in the land.

Proverbs 21:1 The king's heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord; he turns it wherever he will.


Oh boy, did we have a party at my house last night! It was very fun hanging out with Sarah and Anna and Emily and Jamie. We stayed up way too late on a week night and laughed way too much. It was great. :)