a goodbye

So today was Scotty's last day at the high school.  We had a great party with yummy food (tator tots, mac'n cheese, chocolate chip cake, cupcakes, Dr. Pepper and other junk food) and a hilarious song, "Bye, bye, Scotty!" created by a few of the kids under the direction of Mrs. Lansford.  
It was great, lots of kids came by to say their farewells and a few teachers  and the principle also.  
After we all left, I was just a little bit sad.  Not because I'm going to miss the building, it's just that so many fabulous memories were made in that place.  So much of my life has been lived inside of those walls.  So many hours spent with special people working together and learning how to do new things.  Feeling so happy when we everyone's hard work and dedication creates a wonderful show that people really enjoy.  
And I'll miss getting to hang out with third period...you guys rock!  ;)

But I'll still see everyone during shows, and there is so much exciting stuff to look forward to, so I will only spare one tear and this post to look back on and appreciate where we've been.  


Life has been so exciting and fast these past 2 months.  
  • I only have 5 more weeks until I start my new job at the Smokey Mountain Center for the Performing Arts.  
  • Exhibition at the gym is coming up fast and I have routines to choreograph.  
  • I have been spending time with this really great guy named Robert and loving every minute of it.  
  • I got to see Anneke and Andrew and Marcail and Donovan and had such a blast!  I really wish they lived closer to me.  :)
  • I coached my last gymnastics meet last weekend.
  • Had Easter with Ben and Keri in Knoxville which was tons of fun!
  • Had a lock-in this weekend and stayed up all night...also tons of fun but I am still recovering from it.  
So lots of fun and exciting things, and not enough time to post about them all.  
I am doing better with Facebook because it's faster to update in that I don't feel like I have to communicate as much at once, I can change my status 20 times a day if I wish.  

But everything is great!  I love my life!  I love the people in my life!  I love where I'm living my life!  It's all great great great!  :)


A new movement in the symphony of my life

Well...you never know what God is going to throw your way next!  :)
Something has happened that I wouldn't believe was possible in my wildest dreams (ok, maybe my wildest dreams, but still, it was so far out there that I didn't even consider asking God for it...which is ok, because He knows all my thoughts and desires even better than I do and He gave it to me anyway.) 
On or about June 1st I will begin an exciting new chapter in my life!  I will no longer be a coach at New Vision Gymnastics.  Instead I will get paid to play here everyday!   My very favorite hobby is now going to be my job.  How cool is that?  

So needless to say I am so excited that I hardly know what to do with myself!  I will of course miss all the wonderful people that I have worked with the past 9 years at the gym and all of the great kids I have gotten to coach.  But I think the timing on this is amazing and I am so thankful to the Lord for orchestrating it.  What a Master Director!