Your First Theater Crush

I recently read this article in the New York Times about what it was that first made you fall in love with theater.

I paused to consider this myself: Is there a moment that began it all? Can I point to an experience or conversation that began the fascination?

Growing up my family did all kinds of little skits and puppet shows and watched lots of movie musicals. So I could say that a love of theater was nurtured from childhood by my parents. But if I had to pick an experience, I would say it was when my dad took me to see the national tour of Disney's Beauty and the Beast in Atlanta, Georgia at the Fox Theatre. It was my first time in a performance space like the Fox and I was overwhelmed with the beauty of it. As soon as the house lights dimmed and the overture began I was mesmerized, spell-bound for the entire show. It is still my favorite show.
Then, in my teens I was in a production of the Nutcracker. I love dancing and enjoyed twirling to the classic music, but even then I got more enjoyment out of knowing that things were going smoothly backstage because I was also helping with props and quick changes. I have always loved to create and I think that theater gives me room for my imagination to run wild and to be with other creative people and share in the joy that our work brings to others.

I know a lot of you have been involved in theater, so how about you? What was your first "theater crush?"