10 things...

As I was putting away the clean laundry this evening, I started thinking about how patient and gracious my husband is towards me - more so than I would be toward me if I were him.
It is no secret that I am no great paragon of a housekeeper.  I tell myself that if I didn't have a full time job I would do better...which may be true, but that doesn't change the fact that it is not uncommon to come home to dirty dishes on the counter, piles of laundry that need to be washed and a floor in desperate need of a sweeping.
Anyway, this thought is a continuation of one I had Sunday morning when we were getting ready to leave for church.  Robert and Brian were going to sing and I had the privilege of accompanying them on piano.  We had prearranged to meet at 9:30 to do a sound check, and I was not quite ready in time.  The whole time Robert was very calm and never asked me if I was almost ready or how much longer or made sounds or looked at his clock.  We were only a few minutes late, but if it were reversed I know I would be going crazy and anxious and impatient to be there and I would not be very gracious about it either.  I did thank him for being patient with me as we got in the car, and we had plenty of time so it all worked out well.
We were busy or gone the entire weekend so I had no opportunity to do my weekend laundry.  So I started working on it yesterday.  Tonight when I was putting clothes away I realized that my husband was down to his last (relatively) white undershirt and had only one black one left as well.  Again, if roles were reserved and I were about to be out of a daily article of clothing, I would have been slightly annoyed and at least mentioned it.  Nope.  Not a word.  So in thinking over those 2 things, I decided to sit down and write out in no particular order 10 things that I love and appreciate about him to honor that wonderful guy I am married to.  I'll try not to be too sappy.  :)

  1. He is patient with me in what I see as my shortcomings
  2. He does not nag or complain when I fall behind on my household tasks and helps me to catch up
  3. He is a very hard worker who takes seriously his responsibility to provide for our home
  4. He is not just a teacher but also a mentor to his students, lovingly encouraging and being honest with them when they need it
  5. His face brings joy to my heart.  I love the times that we get to spend together talking and laughing
  6. He likes to cook!!!!!!!
  7. He listens to me when I am overwhelmed and is that calm voice that brings me back to reason
  8. He supports me in every way
  9. He loves going to the theater as much as I do
  10. He is all mine!