A lovely Resurrection Day!

Today has been such a full, fulfilling day.  It's fun to look back through the events of the day and see how God orchestrated everything.

The plan was to make Chicken Makhani and na'an (how traditional, I know) after church and eat with Shannon and Heather.  As I was gathering ingredients from my house to drop off at Robert's on the way to church, I realized I was missing 3 ingredients.  So I rushed to the store and then to Robert's to put stuff in his fridge and was only 5 minutes late to church.  I ended up sitting 2 rows from the back and I noticed this couple sitting behind me.  I figured they were hikers, judging by their clothes, and at the end of the service, I had this crazy idea (ok, most likely not my idea) to invite them to lunch.  They have been married for 4 years and are from Rhode Island.  They are hiking the whole way up to Maine.  We had such a great time, the 6 of us, talking and learning about each other and hearing each other's stories.  

Then, Robert and I actually did what we said we were going to do this week over spring break...We got our invitations stuffed and all ready to mail!  Hooray!  After being such a process it is hugely gratifying to see those puppies done and ready to go.

Such a satisfying day.  


The Sound of Music

We are right in the middle of our big Spring musical, The Sound of Music.  We have had great audiences the last 2 nights and are looking forward to finishing strong with our final 2 performances tonight and tomorrow
afternoon.  Everyone in the show is doing such a great job.  It has been a great experience.

I took a few pictures of the mansion set yesterday.

Working on Wedding Fun!

A few weeks ago, Anneke hosted an afternoon of working on my wedding stuff at her house.  Our goal: put the stickers on the wedding favors and stuff the confetti pouches.  

Marcail was a very good helper and was so happy to be involved.  

Great stuff!  Biodegradable confetti!  All you have to do is hose it off and it completely dissolves without leaving any residue!  We sewed it into little pouches that the guests will be able to rip open when it's time to toss it on Mr. and Mrs. Jessup.  :)  


The Groupon Guide to: Treating Allergies

I am new to Groupon, so I don't know if this "advice" is normal on their website, but it made me laugh.  :)


The Groupon Guide to: Treating Allergies

The number of people suffering from allergies continues to expand rapidly as our coddled immune systems grow ever more slothful in the wake of designer medications that convert germs and viruses into useful additional body hair. Protect yourself from nonparasitic antigens with these tips:
Know Your Enemy: Common allergic reactions include runny nose, itchy eyes, and mild anxiety about your future. If you experience any of those symptoms, you are allergic to all of the following: cat hair, dander, the feelings of others, peanuts, magic tricks, outdated maps, and sunshine. You might also be allergic to glass shards, but you won't know until you eat some.
Self-Medicate: Just as the only way to cure a snakebite is to bite the snake back (its blood is immune to the poison), you can rid yourself of your allergies through prolonged exposure. For instance, if you're allergic to cats, fill an empty swimming pool with strays and then live in a tent at the bottom for a week.
Curing the World: More Americans are killed by bee stings each year than die in every other way combined, but you can put an end to bee allergies by putting an end to bees. It would be impossible to wipe out every bee using force, but you can spit at every beehive you see—the bees will register your contempt and will eventually die of sadness.


Winter has past, and the springtime has come!

I have been so happy and nearly giddy this week whenever I thought about how we were nearly down to double digits on our wedding countdown!  And today we are!  99 days left!  :)

I am so happy and looking forward to being Mrs. Robert Jessup.  And now that we're really cranking things out for the wedding, it's fun and exciting.

Tonight, we had an evening off from the theater and Robert and I went on a double date with Shannon and Heather to see Hop (a cute little movie about the Easter Bunny with James Marsden and, I'm sorry to say, David Hasselhoff.  Although I am glad he was in it - it was something else for me to laugh at).  About half-way through the movie, I was sitting next to Robert and he was holding my hand and I had such a deep feeling of how utterly right it is that he's in my life and how right we are together. It is a marvelous thing that God is doing in uniting us in Him, and I am in awe of it.  I don't know exactly what it's going to look like, but I trust the One who created us and know that it's gonna blow my mind.  The Wright children were watching a video about Gladys Aylward, the missionary woman who took over 100 Chinese children on foot for many days to safety when the Japanese were attacking. There was a quote from the movie that brought tears to my eyes.  They were standing on the bank of the Yellow River after having walked for days to escape the danger and had to cross the river to get to a town of safety.  The river was too deep and strong for the children to cross, and Gladys did not know what to do.  Then a 13 year-old girl reminded her of the story she had told them about Moses and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea.  Gladys replied in despair, "But I am not Moses."  To which the girl replied, "No, you are not.  But God is still God."  And they prayed for a way through the waters and of course God showed up and showed off at that moment as some Chinese soldiers appeared with boats to ferry them across in safety.
I was reminded that no matter how inadequate I feel or how unable I am to see a way, God is still God and is continuing to do wonders in my life, and if I will just trust Him and rest in Him, my heart will find the peace and joy it longs for in Him.  

 My beautiful Valentine's Orchid from Robert

The Weeping Cherry Tree in our front yard.  Spring is so lovely!