It's my party!

For my birthday, TSO decided to release a reedited version of Dream Child as a free download at Amazon.com.  It's one of my favorite Trans-Siberian Orchestra songs...but then I have many favorites.  You can get in on the joy here.   

"And then I asked the child why this night has a star and he said so we'd know that we could see that far..."

By the way, I enjoyed my birthday very much and appreciated all the well wishes.  I am very blessed.

I just got back from Florida, and will give a better post soon.


Jekyll & Hyde

Whew!  Tonight's show was very good, and it definitely kept me on my toes backstage.  From a broken zipper to a lighting board freeze to several other little things that just didn't go quite like we rehearsed, but it was still a terrific show and the cast and crew did a wonderful job making sure the show went on and gave a stellar performance to a great audience who absolutely loved it.

Major kudos to Scotty who has the most intense role of the year that he does a terrific job in, naturally.  I can't imagine putting out that much physicality and emotionalism every night, how exhausting....no wonder he has no trouble going to sleep when he gets home.

There are still 3 more performances this weekend.  And I hope you all get to come and see it.  It's an intense, exciting musical thriller that is rather different from what we've done so far.

Get your tickets here!