Fun times at the Jessups

Last night we had some very special guests at the Jessup home.  The youngest Wright children spent the evening with us going to church supper and the Children in Action Christmas party before heading to the house.  We all donned aprons, rolled up our sleeves and got to work making mini Christmas cakes.  As you can see, this was a real hands-on experience.  :)
Aren't they adorable!  
( Please note the lovely Christmas Tree - that Robert cut down himself with a hand saw - but do not look at the rest of the Christmas mess in the background.)

 In between baking and decorating their cakes, Rosie, Nellie and Andy also colored their own stand-up nativity set.  Dominic was at BB practice and joined us later for the fun.
And what else is there to do with all the left over chocolate frosting?  Dig in!  
I will say that (not surprisingly) after consuming the remainder of the chocolate, Ric, who hitherto had been calmly sitting on the couch watching How to Train Your Dragon, spent the next 30-45 minutes jumping all over the house.  :)