Christian Persecution Still Happens: Who will care for their children?

This came in an e-mail from Focus on the Family~

In the summer of 1999, a twenty one year old college student named Michael Job was killed in India by fanatical Hindus. His father was well known evangelist and Christian worker, Dr. P.P. Job. The fanatics did not like Dr. Job or his Christian message, so they killed his son.

Dr. Job was devastated--but not broken. He responded to the hatred by starting an orphanage unlike any other in India.
This orphanage is only for girls ... strange enough in a culture that doesn't value girls.
And even more unusual--this orphanage is only for girls of persecuted and martyred Christians.
Today the Michael Job Center for Orphan Girls is a dynamic refuge for hundreds of girls of persecuted families from all over the Indian sub-continent.
Each child that comes to The Michael Job Center is a vision of hope for the future--a hope that is born out of sorrow and strengthened with love.
But more children are waiting! Sponsor an orphan girl for just $25 per month and you will prepare the way for more girls of persecuted Christians to be rescued from a life of poverty and hopelessness.

All By Myself

My favorite couple from this season's So You Think You Can Dance? were back together dancing on last night's show. Here's the link to their two dances:

Katee & Joshua ~ Contemporary ~ All By Myself (one of their best yet)
Katee & Joshua ~ Paso Doble ~ He's the matador and she's his cape

And if you've never watched Tavis & Heidi do the bench routine from 2006, you must click here.
Or for that matter, Time, by Mia Michaels.

Dinosaurs part 2

I went to the Post Office this morning, and what did I see? A picture of a dinosaur holding a television set of course!


Crazy Pizza Dream...

...Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs!
Dinosaurs everywhere! Eating people, making cake, talking.
Good grief!


Just a quickie

I just wanted to check in and say I have made it home safe and sound. I played Misty Edwards and Delirious? all the way home, singing at the top of my lungs.
I had a very special weekend with Laura and I will tell more about it as well as post any decent pictures and/or videos that I have later this week.
My trip back was less exciting (at least in the fun sense of the word) than the trip over, but I am so happy to be home in my dear mountains...and only 12 more days until the wedding!!!

Part the second

There's nothing like the exhaustion you feel after you sit down once You've finished your cross-airport run and the adrenine leaves your body. It doesn't make it any better when an older gentleman with a bad case of bo sits next to you. At least i'm on the aisle and i can face out. :)
There's nothing like the rush you get when you might miss your connecting flight and all you can do is sit and wait for your plane to land - and pray- and then run as fast as you can to the opposite end of the airport - being careful not to trample old ladies or children - and keep praying to God that you don't get stranded in Detroit overnight. Thank you Jesus, i made it!


Dc has some beautiful houses!

Jumping fountains!

Detroit has to be my favorite airport!

The walk way at the detroit national airport. The walls and ceiling are lights that change colors and move with the music!


This is for Anneke...

Here are a couple of dances I liked from this week's So You Think You Can Dance. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to embed them anymore, so you have to click the links.

Katee & Will - Broadway

Katee & Will - Pas de Deux

And here are a few old ones...

Chelsea & Mark - Hip Hop

Twitch & Kherington - Viennese Waltz


It's a roadtrip!

Suzanne and Wes are trecking across the country! Keep up with all the fabulous details - Zanne style!



I was looking for information about the new movie Footloose that is scheduled to come out next year, when I found this scheduled for 2010!

Jesus loves me!

I just purchased a ticket to go see my good friend Laura in DC before she gets married. I am flying out of Asheville for $100 less then it would cost me to fly the same day from either Charlotte or Atlanta!



It's been a very fun, very busy 3 weeks. So now that our show is over and April's back in town, it is all starting to catch up to me. I've been so tired all day, but now that I've gone to bed, I can't fall asleep! What's up with that? It's after midnight and I may as well get up and clean something!


it's thursday

Yea! It's Thursday! After making it through the longest 2 hour gymnastics class of my life and then going to our final dress rehearsal and making numerous mistakes (the more mistakes in rehearsal, the better the performance!), I am glad that I could sleep in this morning and then clean the house! I haven't been home in weeks (at least that's how it feels). And tonight, after our first performance, Cam and I have a special visitor spending the night! Well, she use to sleep here all the time, but her new husband kinda interferes with that now. ;)


Look! I cut my hair!

Not! But only because i know better than to do something like that on a whim at 2 am. Now, if i still want to in 12 hours, then you can be pretty sure i will. :)


So here it is, 10:30 on the night before July 4th.  I am looking forward to kicking back and chillin' tomorrow.  Charlie Brown is going great!  I get to do so much fun behind-the-scene work,  like throwing base balls, pushing a bus, pulling a tree, flying birds, throwing candy,  dropping a kite, and lots, lots, lots, lots, lots of other fun things.  
If you are in town next weekend, come by the FHS and catch a very entertaining show, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.  


Super cool baseball cap!

You know you want one :)