Dancing Princess! Everybody clap your hands!

A Camping Trip

I went camping last night! Yes, one night of freezing bliss full of fires, night hikes, and making pigs-in-blankets on a stick over an open fire. AND when you realize you brought hot cocoa but nothing to heat water in, don't overlook any glass bottles you might have emptied the day before!


Max and Laura on Broadway

She shines and he looks pretty flat. Oh, Austin... ;)


The best part of Ariel playing volleyball...

Yea! We have cookie dough! Lots and lots of cookie dough!!!


The Heavenly Man

I am currently reading a book called The Heavenly Man about Brother Yun from China. I have had it in my library for over a year, and just started reading it last night. Wow - I am only 3 chapters into it and already so challenged.

When this man was a child in communist China, he wanted a Bible so badly that he fasted, prayed and wept for 3 months. His parents were concerned he was losing his mind. One night he had a dream an old man and his 2 servants brought him some bread. When he ate it it turned into the Bible in his mouth. He woke up in the middle of the night so excited he went searching for the Bible in his house. His parents thought he had finally lost it. He was so convinced it was real, that he was searching everywhere. At 4am there was a knock on the door, he went to it and asked softly if they had come with his bread. They said they had. He opened the door and the 2 men from his dream handed him a red bag with a Bible in it.



I don't seem to be picking subjects that are interesting to most people who read my blog. I will try to think of a more popular one for next week!

Things that make me happy...

  1. Last night, I was outside and I was COLD!!!
  2. Rooibos Tea
  3. Puzzles
  4. The smell of fall in the air
  5. Jesus loves me
  6. Loosing 5lbs over the past 2 weeks
  7. My room is clean
  8. Eating Spicy Basil Noodles
  9. Spending time with my friends
  10. Today is another beautiful day!!!


Strictly Ballroom

I saw this move again tonight for the first time in several years. It is almost a perfect movie.

There are certain films that carry a theme throughout that rings so true, that it resonates inside of me. It's a little bit of the heart of God being displayed. Lord of the Rings is one, with it's theme of faithful friends and selflessness. Beauty and the Beast is another with unconditional love. Strictly Ballroom has so much to say about not living your life under fear, but being who you were created to be. I could have almost cried at the end.

I so love finding truth in secular media. It's not always there, but every now and again it pops out.

*disclaimer...I am not advocating you watching this movie with all your kids. It is almost a perfect movie. :)

Sherie Renee Ursula

Click here to see a picture of Sherie Renee Scott as Ursula in the new Disney production of The Little Mermaid, the Broadway musical.
Now you see it...

...now you don't!

Yard Sale - This Thursday. Everything must go!!!

Note the water flying over his back as he runs from his house.

Flour and water...what a fabulous combination!


After the overwhelming response...

The new poll is an exercise in some silliness.
Don't worry, I have no way of knowing how you vote. ;)

The happiest babies in the world!

Click for more Marcail and Donovan pictures!!!

The Ring

Click on any of the pictures for a really great close-up.
(That's yellow thread wrapped around the back of the band because it's a little too big still)



After the overwhelming response to my Princess Bride poll, I think I need to settle the dispute of which quote was incorrect. Although a whopping 50% of people think that "Hear this now, I will always come for you" is a misquote, it is in fact verbatim from the movie. Westley says it near the beginning before he goes to be kidnapped by the Dread Pirate Roberts.
No, only 1/2 of those who voted got the answer correct; in fact, it is not Floren's 400th anniversary but 500th, as Prince Humperdink says.
So thanks to the dozens of hundreds who voted!

A good Monday

Today was a good day. I got up early to clean my room (hah! Early! How about 9am??!!?!?!?!) When April got up (she needed to sleep in today) we talked. And then we went to Highlands together and talked. It's been so nice to be able to be here and around her this weekend...it's been exciting and fun discussing her engagement to Daniel and all those other things girls like to talk about. :)

And the gym was good today. I so have the best job. It's way too fun!

Tonight Cam and I creamed April and Daniel in canasta. It wasn't even close.

So to recap: my room is clean, chatted with April, work was good, spent the evening with friends, and won at canasta. It's just been a pretty perfect day.

Oh...did I forget to mention strawberry-rhubarb pie and apple cider???? That means it's almost fall!


This is true love - you think this happens everyday?

Daniel proposed Saturday afternoon to April at White Water Falls! Of course, she said yes!!!
I will try to have a picture of the ring up soon, it's absolutely stunning!

Looks like we've got at least 2 weddings coming up! Maybe 3 ;)