The final cross-country ski expedition.

Kat's gymnast saying 'ta-da!'

Dad made a... Hmm, maybe It's a fertility goddess?

Look what i made!

It's the tortoise and the hare!


Today, for the first time

Today, for the first time in my life, i snapped on a pair of skies and went XC skiing!!! It was a very fun 2 hours.
Amanda M.


Trapp family lodge

Must be beautiful in vermont this time of year, all that SNOW!!!

Sisters sisters

...there were never such devoted sisters!


my parents sure know how to celebrate their anniversary. Now That's what i call a

This is what a TSO concept looks like from a my mom's cell phone. Wish i was there!

1243 pm 6lb 12oz 21 in long


Happy Anniversary Mama and Papa!!!

Today marks their 27th wedding anniversary.
I must say, I'm awfully glad they got married.  


So there I was,  sitting in the living room working on computer stuff for the gym (and watching SB e-mail 185).  All of a sudden, I notice how great my Christmas tree smells.  I never really noticed it before.  But today I can't stop thinking about how fantastic the scent is.  
Then it happens, I make a phone call.  And as is typical of me on the phone, I walk around the house and climb up on things, like the fireplace.  When, what do I see?  April's tartwarmer has an evergreen scented tart in it and the candle is burning.
So the good thing is, if I ever have to have a fake tree (please God, no!) then I can at least have the scent of Christmas tree from a Yankee Candle tart!!!


It's a joke. :)

I'm sure you've heard this before, but go and read it again anyways!!!