Words of wisdom from a friend

If you do not know Heather Lenox, I suggest you trot over to the Non-domestic Housewife and scroll down to read her post called, "Sometimes, frozen pizza is perfect."  It is a sweet reminder of what is important in our relationships.
Heather is a new friend of mine who I met last August.  She and her husband recently moved to this area and she likes doing theatre with us!  They are a fun couple and Robert and I have really enjoyed getting to know them and spending time with them.
Hooray for frozen pizza!



It has been a busy day at work...not as much for me as for others, but busy none the less.

And I actually met someone who is famous in some circles that I was actually very happy to meet.  (Generally, with my temperament I tend to be rather blaise'  about meeting 'celebrities' and don't usually go to meet and greet at the theater when it is available.)   I was standing in the office making some copies and Scott walked in with a man and his college-aged daughter to introduce her to Scotty since she writes plays and lyrics in NYC and is interested in theater.  Since I was standing there I got introduced as well (as Scotty's anti-anxiety pills, lol).  Her name, I was told, is Jenny Stafford.  "And this is her father, Wes."  I shook hands, very nice to meet you, etc.  And continued working on my copies while the conversation continued around me.  Then internally went, "Wait.  Wess Stafford?  As in, president of Compassion International?  Cool.  I got to meet Wess Stafford and shake his hand!"  I guess when your job is running an international organization whose motto is "releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name," I find that rather more impressive than having good stage presence, a decent voice and some hit songs.  Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with those things or the people who look up to them.  It's just the way I am.  With few exceptions.  One of them being

STU G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the wonderful Stuart Gerrard was in my theater tonight doing his thing.  Sadly, I did not get to shake his hand since I didn't even know he was there until the concert was nearly over, but being the avid fan that I am of all things delirious?, it is enough just knowing that he was there on my stage, in my theater, in my hometown playing his guitar and singing.

That's all.  :)


GRRR...*sigh* :)

I was going to post about how blissfully happy I am that there are less than 5 months till I become Mrs. Robert Jessup...and I am...
...but right now I am so upset and angry at the immaturity of some adults who call themselves parents.  In my current mood I agree with my dear sister-in-law who once said that people should have to take a test proving their ability before being allowed to become parents.  (I don't really believe that, but in my current state of mind could make an argument for it).

Oh, how easy to push off your own shortcomings and failings on others whose job it is not to raise your child and say the problem lies there alone and not even attempt to help your child grow into a responsible adult who can contribute to society and not grow up to spend his/her life in jail because he/she never learned self-control or that his/her actions have consequences.

...where was I?  Oh yes!  I am blissfully happy that in a mere 142 days I will get to spend the rest of my life with the wonderful, amazing, and ridiculously good looking Robert Jessup.  (And if you ever see me exhibiting  behavior similar to my rant above - I give you full permission to slap me!)