So it seems "water" was the winner of most popular drink! :)

This next one is more fun because it's more of a quiz (although it should be quite easy for true Princess Bride lovers). There is only one correct answer to the question which I will reveal at the end of the week.


Oh my goodness! If you want a funny story, you have to read the description on this e-bay item!!!

(I will start posting more often when I get back from vacation. My computer's battery is dead and so is the Ac adapter charger!)


We have a new oven-and

We have a new oven-and the best part (besides the fact that it works) is we will never have to clean under the eyes again!
Amanda M.


Vote for Danny!

Tonight is the finale for So You Think You Can Dance. It's from 8-10.
I sure hope Danny wins. (So don't try to call me between 10 and midnight...I'll be voting!!!)



I love falling asleep!
There's something so wonderful about laying down on my soft bed and closing my eyes on my soft pillow that is so wonderfully exciting and satisfying! Especially when the sheets are just out of the dryer.

Update on the Korean hostages in Afghanistan

Two Korean women, Kim Gyeong-ja, left, and Kim Ji-na, are seen with officials of the Red Crescent Society after they were released by Taliban militants in Ghazni Province, west of Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday.

Please keep praying for the remaining hostages! Thank you!!!


Tom Conlon Live

One of my favorite songs of his...sacred things.
(also on here are longing and magnify)


A new element

For fun, I am going to try and have a weekly poll. Sometimes it might be silly, sometimes serious, or anywhere in-between!!! (I'll probably create a Princess Bride one next)


Strong in Faith

These are the 22 South Koreans and their pastor who went to Afghanistan to volunteer. On July 19th they were kidnapped and are still being held hostage by members of Taliban. Pastor Bae Hyung Kyu of the Sammul Presbyterian Church and Shim Sung Min (another man on the team) were murdered in the first 10 days of captivity. At least 2 of the women are very ill.

These are prayer points from Josh Harris' blog. He got these from a friend of his in Afghanistan.

- Join our Korean brothers and sisters in asking that above all, God will be honored and glorified through what has already happened and all that will take place over the coming days. Ask for a revival in this land as well as in Korea. (Phil 1:18-21)

- Pray for strength, perseverance, and faith for those in captivity. Pray that their faith may not waver. Pray for boldness, joy, and patience. (Ephesians 3:14-20)

- Many, if not all, of those being held are suffering from health problems. Two of the young ladies are very sick and will likely die soon if they don't get medical treatment. Pray that God will heal them and sustain them. Those of you who have visited Afghanistan before know how easy it is to get sick even when you drink clean water and eat good food. Knowing that these brothers and sisters have likely not had clean drinking water at all and likely don't have much food or any medicine, I imagine most of them are suffering greatly.

- These hostages have unexpected access to a very dark group of people that have likely never been around true believers. I'm sure they are praying, singing, and worshiping as often as possible. Ask that their testimony will soften the hearts and touch the lives of their captors. May they know that there is something incredibly different about the people they are holding.

- Pray that the Holy Spirit will protect each captive's mind and spirit during this ordeal. As they are faced with day after day of fear, uncertainty, and death, pray that this won't have a lasting effect on their hearts and minds.


A great new blog!!!!??!!

I just found this blog...and it looks amazing! I have only read a few of the posts, but what I've seen so far is fabulous.
So check it out! I have added a link to it on my link list. It's http://titus2talk.blogspot.com/

Donovan is here!!!


Brent and kat

Aren't they sweet together?

brent and kat

Happy birthday brent!

Kat at the cuban restaurant

Want to adopt a puppy?

This from an e-mail of a family friend whose son rescued these puppies from a ditch. THere are 3 males, 14 weeks old, who still need homes. If you or someone you know is interested, let me know and I will put you in contact with her. Below are her descriptions of the puppies:

"Rascal, 14 wk old male golden mix - he's a real character & lots of fun - one of 3 remaining rescued pups - Matt found 6 in ditch - he needs a home - also sending pic of lab mix males - in case you know someone or maybe YOU need a new puppy!"

"This is either Curly or Moe - C has wavy hair on back - 14 wk old male black lab mix in need of homes!"


Donovan Makinson

It's a little dark, but It's from Anneke's cell phone. I'm sure We'll have more pictures soon.

(I went home and edited it as best as I could on my computer. This is a little better, but I expect to have lots of great photos and video too in the next few weeks!!!)


He's Here!

Donovan Nelson Makinson premiered tonight (August first) at 7:56pm. He weighed in at 7lb 12 oz and measured 21 inches long. According to sources, he looks just like Marcail but has black hair.

Welcome to the world, little one!

Happy August!

Wow! The year is nearly 2/3 over!

A great quote

"Situations change rapidly People change slowly. God changes not. At the end of my days, I want to be building on That Which Does Not Change."
-Randy Bohlender