A quote from one of my favorite authors...

Worship is to feel in your heart
and express in some appropiate manner
a humbling but delightful sense
of admiring awe
and astonished wonder
and overpowering love
in the presence of that most ancient Mystery, that
Majesty which philosophers call
the First Cause
but which we call
Our Father Which Art in Heaven.
- A.W. Tozer


Doctors Advised Abortion; Baby Born Healthy

by Devon Williams, associate editor

‘How many other babies are killed who would have turned out to be completely healthy?’
A Wales couple are enjoying their healthy 5-month-old son after they defied doctors' recommendation to abort him.
Before Brandon Kramer was born, doctors diagnosed him, via an MRI scan, with a rare brain disorder that reportedly would cause deafness and blindness. Becky and Kriss were told their son probably would survive only a few hours. Just weeks before Brandon's birth, doctors recommended abortion.
The couple ignored the doctors’ advice and welcomed a healthy boy on Oct. 1, 2007. He is now teething and attempting to talk.
"I feel incredibly guilty thinking that I could have killed him — and then I find myself wondering how many other babies are killed who would have turned out to be completely healthy,” Becky told London’s Daily Mail.
The parents said they want their story to serve as a warning for other parents advised to abort their babies.
According to the British Paediatric Neurology Association, “Just because you have an abnormality in a scan doesn't mean your baby will turn out abnormally.”
Officials at the University Hospital of Wales said an urgent case review will be conducted.
Dawn Vargo, associate bioethics analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said prenatal diagnoses often are wrong.
"Unfortunately, parents who receive an adverse genetic diagnosis for their preborn child often are under immense pressure from their doctor to abort," she said. "It is encouraging to see parents to who were willing to recognize and affirm the life of their preborn child — despite dire warnings about supposedly serious health complications."
The U.S. Senate currently is considering the Prenatally and Postnatally Diagnosed Conditions Awareness Act (S. 1810), which would provide up-to-date information and resources to families that receive adverse genetic diagnoses during pregnancy.

FOR MORE INFORMATIONVisit the Focus on Social Issues Web site.



So I was checking the stats on my blog (instead of sleeping) and I thought I would post some of the interesting things people search for and somehow end up at my blog:

  1. Fortunatley for us, we don't have to live that way
  2. April Makinson
  3. Pride and Prejudice
  4. Female real autopsy video
  5. If you've always wanted to live your life on the edge and are tempted to push the travel boundaries just enough to cause a little comotion
  6. Mia Michaels
  7. Oshiro electrocuted

But mostly just Pride and Prejudice

Blast from the past

I just got a postcard from my mom that's from a childhood friend who is now living in China!
It's so exciting and encouraging to see people from my early childhood walking with the Lord.
Here's the link to his web site. Thomas H.


Lunar Eclipse

Camila and I went outside last night just in time to see the moon slip into total eclipse. It was so beautiful! So red! It's amazing also how quickly the redness goes away when the moon starts coming out of our shadow.
We had a really fun time, standing outside, talking and looking at the moon.

Did you see the eclipse

Did you see the eclipse tonight? I did and it was so amazing!


Is this for real???

If you've always wanted to live your life on the edge and are tempted to push the travel boundaries just enough to cause a little commotion, it's never too late. Pack your bags and start alluding now about your double life; you're going on a semi-illegal vacation.

Mexico City

Immigration and border patrol seems to be at the top of every political conversation. At Parque Eco Alberto, you can go on a pretend 'Night Border Crossing Experience.' The parque is owned by the Hnahnu Indians in Hidalgo, about three hours from Mexico City. The $18, four-hour night hike starts with the Mexico National Anthem. Your 'coyote' guide, Pancho, pulls off his black ski mask while actors gather around to scare you senseless along the way. Run from border control agents; dodge hidden actors shooting (blanks) at you, and make your way through barbed-wire fences. Survivors are blindfolded, led across a rickety bridge, and then set free to run across the border to freedom!

(from a Kayak e-mail)


Movin' Out

No, I'm not moving out. Last night Cam and I went to K-ville to see Movin' Out. Oh wow. So amazing. I was shaking/trembling for the entire final 20 minutes.



I finished That Hideous Strength Sunday afternoon.

There's almost nothing as sad as finishing a good book, it leaves me so melancholy.