January 13th, 2006

Good news! I slept this morning all the way to 3pm! That's 2 hours later than I've been able to sleep all week! I was so excited.

I don't think I told you this, but yesterday I was awakened by a loud screeching noisy noise. It didn't go away. After a lot of annoyance and some skilful investigation, I discovered a construction crew right below my apartment putting a wall in the basement. I thought of saying, "You know, this is exactly the same as if I came to your house and played on the pots and pans right outside your room at 4am." But then I realized, it was 1 in the afternoon, and people have to work sometime. Just because my schedule is upside-down doesn't mean I should expect the rest of the world to cater to my habits. :)

We had lots of meetings yesterday.
Stuart Greaves, the director of Fire in the Night, has been handling all of our orientation meetings and will also be teaching most of our regular classes. He is a good teacher, and I like him because even though he is fairly inaccessible due to his many commitments, he has had Q&A time for as long as we want every day thus far and is never put out by any question, no matter how ridiculous. And the questions have ranged from what is your favorite color, to how did you propose to your wife, to biblical and spiritual questions to why do you think there isn't a "the one." It's been really good but I think if I was he I would have gotten irritated with some of the things people ask. But he is also really good at letting someone know when they have crossed the line without making them feel bad. He is also good at saying, "I don't know."

As I am sitting here in the Cafe' I see a table of people playing UN. I want to go ask them if they know how to play killer uno. I really haven't found people who play games here yet, but then I really haven't had time for that so far. I did buy a deck of pink bicycle playing cards the other day, since I had forgotten to bring anything like that with me. And I lost a game of solitaire with them.

Last night in the prayer room was great. I got to pray for one of the girls for a revelation of God's love. It was significant because one of the things I prayed over her was something that God had taught me about a year ago, and afterwards, she said that was one thing that really resonated within her. It really shook me because I felt I had said the right thing at just the right time, and that is an issue I have struggled with for years. I don't feel like I have a grip on discernment so it makes it difficult for me to see what is really going on and to know what the appropriate response is, no matter how much I want to help.
Ok, all that to say I know God is working in me here, everyday is better than the last (which is really weird to say after 5 days) and I am very excited about all God is going to do and change in me. I don't know what it is going to look like and it doesn't really matter.

One more thing I wanted to say before I wrap up this incredibly long post, is that there is nothing special about this place. Anyone who has a heart to know God and who has the determination to pursue Him can experience Him. It is hard work to fight for a quiet space in your day to spend with Him, but the rewards are infinite. So I guess the one special thing is you don't have to fight so much for your time with God, it's the reason you came here. But I know God hasn't given us so much to do that we can't find time with Him in our daily lives.

Something Stuart said that I have been thinking about is our tendency as Americans to fill our minds with empty things when we are tired. Sitting and watching a movie or engaging in some other mindless activity after a long day at work is not going to refresh or encourage me. Spending time with God will always refuel. It makes me want to re-think the way I view entertainment in light of the kingdom of God.

Amanda :)

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