January 11th, 2006

Last night was hard for me.
Monday night I was exhausted all 6 hours in the prayer room, last night the first 2 hours were fine, but after that I felt even more tired then the previous night. I actually fell asleep.
I haven't been able to get more than 6 hours of sleep since I arrived, and I didn't get much more than that the 2 days before I left. It is really hard to be so exhausted every day.

Please pray that I am able to get the rest I need so I can be alert and focused.

I think everything else is going well. I'm not putting a lot of stock in my thoughts and feelings right now, because it's such a change and I am so tired...I want to give it a week or so to level out.

That's all I want to say right now.


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Stephanie Campbell said...

Yeah, we are missing you right now. Betsy and I are shopping for sheet music and we came to a tune and Betsy said, "I'd work on it if Amanda were here." So here we are sending you a note to tell you that we love you and are so excited for you.

You will level out in a few days with sleep and all, sounds like you are having fun...caffeine is a staple in the diet of IHOP idiots!

Emily reports that youth group was great last night at "PJ's" (Pastor John's) house. She learned a new game, Sardines, and explored every nook, cranny, underbed area, and towel cabinet of the Makinson's house. She said it was "priceless, and amazing!"

Praying for you, it's going to be great, I know it!

Love You,