January 5th, 2006

I realized today that I only have one more day left at the gym. I am really going to miss teaching and seeing my 'kids.'
My sister is spending some time with me this weekend, which will be nice.
I am planning on spending all day Saturday packing and cleaning and doing whatever last minute errands still need to be done. Actually, I haven't done a great job planning ahead on what all I will have to do, but I am not anticipating a whole lot since it's just 12 weeks and I'm not taking furniture or anything like that.
I haven't done a very good job of emotionally preparing for this either, which is why I suddenly realized today that I only have one more day to teach and that was very sad. I expect I will have an emotional next few days, but that's ok. I can handle that.

Amanda :)

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Betsy828 said...

Awww Amanda I'm going to miss you alot :( and I can't wait till you get back! And can't wait to hear all about it !

Love ya