busy, busy, busy

Ok, so basically...I have been too busy to call you, too busy to e-mail you, and way too busy to update this blog!!!
Everything is going well though. Keep on praying!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda!

I have been keeping up with you. So excited about all that God is doing in and through you at IHOPKC.

Emily participated in Flip Fest this past weekend, she is so excited about gym. She begins the Challenge I class next Tuesday with AM and Kat.

Betsy is keeping up with Celebrate Recovery music...she is back on synth. She tells me when you guys text and talk, thank you for your friendship toward her, you are a great role model.

Well enough...praying for you and looking forward to all you will bring back home!


Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda, I am so happy for you to have intimacy time with the Lord. Don't worry the real world is still here waiting for you to come back but, knowing that you will hang on to much you learned there. Sleep good. Blessings Martha

Amanda k. said...

Hey Amanda,
Wow you have been busy!
Life here in Franklin is about the same.
My family as says to say hi!

Anonymous said...

I am praying that you would bring back an anointing to impart what you have received from Him during your time of "soaking". The Spirit is stirring here, a sense of expectation is returning (at least for me).
In Holy Jealousy, ;)

cindy said...

i'm not sure how to do this (leave a mesg.) but am so grateful for your site. i'm desperate to know how to warfare on behalf of this county and will begin a weekly nite of prayer/intercession. i'm jealous in a wonderful way of your time there, so soak up all you can. check out what's happening with levi and the team at gatewaysbeyond.org. love you so much! miss cindy