Happy Thanksgiving!

It's been quite the week, but I wanted to make sure I got that in.

My Fair Lady was spectacular, and if you get an opportunity to see this group perform it, I  would recommend you do so.  

But even before I got to see My Fair Lady, I was paid a visit by my friend Laura and her boy friend Michael.  They were stopping by to say "hi" on their way to a hike.  In a brief moment alone, Michael pulled out a small wooden box, opened it and showed me the ring inside.  Of course, I stayed composed, but as soon as they left I went running and screaming a round the house,  I was that excited.  He had her convinced it would be another year or so before they could get engaged.  When he proposed, she fell over -  literally.  
So that makes three wedding for next year.  Theirs will most likely be the middle of August. 

The rest of my weekend was delightful.  Too much good food, lots of fun playing games with family and friends, hanging out with Ben and Keri who came into town, catching up with Suzanne Pickens and remembering how to play American (it's a card game).   

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