Where I've been

Last night was opening night for Footloose. The house was packed and the show was great!
If you haven't made it yet, get your tickets at the Chamber of Commerce (or try at the door) because we have two more performances, tonight and tomorrow at 7:30.

I haven't heard an official ticket count, but we had to have had well over 500 people, probably closer to 650. There were precious few empty chairs in the building.

This week I haven't been home for much more than to sleep. Monday I was driving back from Florida where I had been visiting my wonderful Grammie. Tuesday I worked all day. Wednesday I cleaned the house like a crazy person and Thursday I was in DSS court all morning and at the gym until it was time to go to the show. Today I turned off my phone and slept in - I really needed to, I have been feeling so worn out.

Yesterday I had trouble remembering the end of one of my classes routines. I had neglected to write it down last week and all I knew is that I had finished it, but I didn't like it. So instead of trying to remember it, I made up a new one which looks great. I finally feel like I am ready for exhibition! (Which is good since it's a week from today!)

Well, hopefully this morning while I'm home alone I'll be able to avoid raucous party plans and things fraught with spiritual moral.

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