Finding truth in Desperate Housewives

When I was in Florida visiting my grandmother 2 weekends ago, I saw part of Desperate Housewives. Now, I have never watched this show and don't know who the characters are or really anything except what I have seen in a few commercials. My general impression is it's a show about people who run around sleeping with people they shouldn't.
We were waiting for the news to come on when I caught the last 5 minutes of an episode.

In a nutshell from my memory:

Boss has employee in restaurant for business lunch.
A few basic pleasantries are exchanged.
Boss says: Are you sleeping with my wife?
Employee: Excuse me?
B: Are you sleeping with my wife?
E: No!
B: Ok. Quit.
E: WHAT!!??? No!
B: Quit.
E: No. You are going to have to fire me.
B: You would love that, wouldn't you?
E: Ok, I'll quit when your wife asks me to.
(At this point, I realized employee wasn't so upstanding as he first seemed, but I was blown away by what the husband said next.)
B: You know what? She (wife's name) will never leave her family. You may find her in a weak moment and she may do something that will put a wound in our marriage that will take years to heal. But I will love her twice as much as she hates herself for what she did.

At this point I became shocked at seeing the nature of God so vividly displayed in Desperate Housewives! It was something I thought alot about in the following days.
God doesn't take away my free will. I can choose to do things that are harmful to me and those around me. He is still there, loving me the same because His love is based on His choice and not my actions. He's always ready to forgive and heal as soon as I turn and repent.

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